Marty Markowitz Declares ‘Pat Kiernan Day’ to Be a Thing [Video]


Earlier this year, to much fanfare, NY1 anchor Pat Kiernan announced he was moving from Manhattan to Williamsburg. Yesterday, it became incredibly official, as Borough President Marty Markowitz presented him with a formal proclamation welcoming him to the borough.

Indeed, as Mr. Markowitz explained it, August 21t was declared to be “’Pat Kiernan Welcome to Brooklyn Celebration Day’ in the Republic of Brooklyn, USA.”

This all happened on stage at The Bell House in Gowanus where Mr. Kiernan was hosting one of his regular trivia nights. In the middle of the show, Mr. Markowitz stormed up on stage to engage in some friendly banter with the news anchor.

“Okay so here we go. Now you live in Brooklyn, now you’ll have to start learning the proper English, the proper diction,” he began. “In Brooklyn we speak the King’s English, because Brooklyn is also known as King’s County.”

Mr. Markowitz proceeded to help Mr. Kiernan say “water,” “mother,” “pizza” and “you” in a stereotypically Brooklyn accent before presenting him with various county-identified schwag, and, of course, the official proclamation.

Watch the whole exchange below:

Marty Markowitz Declares ‘Pat Kiernan Day’ to Be a Thing [Video]