Mayor Grant Needs to Resign

BY WILLIAM BUMBERNICK It is with sadness and concern that I must write this letter.  Our community has been thrust

BY WILLIAM BUMBERNICK It is with sadness and concern that I must write this letter.  Our community has been thrust into the negative headlines by the actions of one person.  Last Wednesday morning at 12:01 AM our own Mayor Grant was pulled over and arrested by the East Greenwich Township Police Department.  The charges include:

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  • Driving While Intoxicated.
  • Speeding at 91 Miles Per Hour in a 45 Mile Per Hour Zone.
  • Careless Driving

As committeepersons, we all take an oath.  An Oath that we will ‘faithfully, impartially, and justly perform the duties’ of our elected and appointed offices.  As the Mayor of East Greenwich, one of Fred Grant’s duties is to act in the best interest of our residents.  Driving more than double the speed limit on Kings Highway while intoxicated (as charged of Grant by the EGPD) certainly is not in the best interest of our residents.  In fact it is in direct conflict with those duties and it reflects a blatant disregard for the responsibilities as Mayor and as a citizen of our proud community.
Mayor Grant has called this incident a personal family situation.  Indeed, Mayor Grant must reconcile his actions with his family.  However, the negligence exhibited by one of our elected officials is not a personal matter; rather it is most certainly a very public issue that draws attention to the indifference that he has for the laws of our community and for the safety of our residents.

Our residents have the right to exist in our community with an expectation that the officials which they elected will do everything they can to help keep them safe.  Certainly, under no circumstances would a resident expect that one of those elected officials would make such deliberate and poor decisions that the official himself would put them in direct and deliberate danger.
Mayor Grant calls this a ‘mistake’.  In my opinion, errantly speeding 60 in a 45 is a mistake.  Getting behind the wheel when your blood alcohol content is well over the legal limit is not a mistake. Driving 91 in a 45 is not a mistake. Alone, either one of those actions could have had disastrous consequences. Combined, they demonstratethe deliberate decision making of someone who lacks the ability to make sound decisions on his own behalf let alone those of an entire community.
It is important to note that this event is part of a pattern of disregard for the law.  On March 28, 2003, Fred Grant pled Guilty to charges of Criminal Mischief in Pennsylvania for the intentional damage of tangible property of another.  (PA: 18 § 3304 §§ A1 CrimMisch/Dmg Prop Intent, Reckless, Or Neglig).  He reportedly intentionally punctured someone’s tires.  (Magisterial District Judge 15-2-06, Docket Number: MJ-15206-NT-0000195-2003)
While I have not spoken with the Mayor directly as he won’t answer my calls, I have heard from his peers that he refuses to resign to restore credibility to the Township Committee.
Considering the Oath that the Mayor took, his track record of criminal activity, and his complete disregard for the public safety of our residents that are his duty to help protect.

PLEASE JOIN ME ON AUGUST 14th at the East Greenwich Township Municipal Building at 7PM IN ASKING FOR MAYOR GRANT’S RESIGNATION. 
Only his resignation will take East Greenwich out of the negative spotlight and put us back on the right path in restoring trust between the committee and our residents.

William Bumbernick, Committeeman/Resident

Mayor Grant Needs to Resign