Media Briefs: A Hire at Gawker, Departures at the New York Times and Reuters

A Gawker writer is in. A Times editor is out. A Reuters reporter goes to a trade. A Daily Beast reporter goes toe-to-toe with the best actor from the best film of 1999. All that, and more, in your Thursday Evening Media Briefs:

Karma’s A Nice Person Sometimes: Recently let-go, widely-read, and widely-liked Village Voice staff writer (and, full disclosure, a former co-worker of this writer’s) Camille Dodero was snapped up by Gawker as a writer there. The site’s editor A.J. Daulerio on his estimable new hire, who starts September 24th:

“She’s the tits.”

Direct quote. [@AJDaulerio]

Drew-Hoo: New York Times multimedia editor Andrew DeVigal is leaving the paper for an “interactive studio” in Portland. Fence-jumper. [Tumblr]

From Reuters to Rock: Reuters senior media correspondent Yinka Adegoke is going to Billboard as Deputy Editor. [Billboard]

She Don’t Want Your Life: Daily Beast columnist Michelle Goldberg apparently got into a pretty heated exchange with Varsity Blues actor Jon Voight.

Voight simmered for a moment and then said, “Take it easy there, shorty.” As Goldberg looked on in amazement, Voight sprang out of his low-slung chair. “Let’s just stand up, how tall are you?” he demanded, hovering over her a tad menacingly. 

She’s basically Jonathan Moxon. As opposed to spending absurd amounts of money, starting fights at the RNC is not, in fact, the worst editorial strategy. [The Daily Beast]

Teach Me How To Shupak: NY1 “Rail and Road Report” morning celebrity and erstwhile Observer Media Power Bachelorette (Class of 2011) Jamie Shupak made a video with someone from the NY Daily News about How To Ride The Subway. Not sure she’s actually an expert on this, per se, but if there’s going to be one, it should be her. [YouTube]

Huffington Post Labs Exactly as Scary As It Sounds: While she might not be attaching giraffe parts to reporters for new blogging limbs, Arianna Huffington does have something called “Huffington Post Labs” where they’re conducting crazy news experiments. The first one involves the most popular sentences on the Huffington Post, which is basically what news on the internet will be one day: A series of popular sentences. [TechCrunch]

A Rich Legacy: Is it a coincidence that Frank Rich got on Reddit not a day after Barack Obama did? Better yet, is there a better moment in that entire thread than when answered a question from a young woman in love with his son, Simon Rich, who wanted a “good word” put in for her? Rich’s answer:

“Get in line.”

My answer: Nope[Romenesko]

Not Afraid To Be Servicey: One of the few genuinely nice organizations we’d love to see survive for future generations of Internet, or media, or multimedia, or whatever it is: StoryCorps now has a KickStarter page everyone should give money to. Alternately, everyone should go do a StoryCorps. [KickStarter]

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Media Briefs: A Hire at Gawker, Departures at the <em>New York Times</em> and Reuters