Morning Read: Cuomo Quiet at Convention; Dan Senor Becomes Top Romney Aide; Attack Ads on Auto Bailout

Andrew Cuomo will have a quiet role at the Democratic National Convention, not arriving until the last day and ceding to Shelly Silver the job of announcing the New York delegation’s vote.

The five county GOP leaders whose support he will need to run for mayor sounded cool (to put it mildly) of the prospects of Mayor Malcolm Smith.

New York City will allow Goldman Sachs to invest nearly $10 million in a jail program, with the pledge that the financial services giant would profit if the program succeeded in significantly reducing recidivism rates, David Chen reports. The program is the first of its kind, and has worried some policy makers.

Add Andrea Peyser to list of columnists against Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-formula frenzy. 

The story behind the effort to tie Huma Abedin to the Muslim brotherhood. 

Kisten Gillibrand has held a series women-issue focused roundtables around the state, and become one of the champions of women’s equality in the Senate, moves that Wendy Long calls “cosmetic, phony, pandering, transparently political efforts.

Gillibrand, along with Carolyn Maloney and Christine Quinn, backed the three New Jersey teens who started a petition calling on of the presidential debates to be moderated by a woman.

Dan Senor, a top Romney health care advisor  and one-time would-be candidate for Gillibrand’s seat, is coming under scrutiny for his hawkish views on the Middle East.

Bill Owens was one of the few Democrats who broke with the party to not raise taxes on upper income earners yesterday. 

There are petition challenges galore in Toby Stavisky’s state senate race. 

Local governments around the state face fiscal peril, Tom DiNapoli warned.

A new computer program prevented the state comptroller’s office from paying $90,000 in unemployment checks to New Yorkers vacationing abroad or to foreign bank accounts.

Eric Schneiderman sued a string of head shops for selling synthetic drugs. 

A law signed by Gov. Andrew Cuomo will allow insurance companies to compete to provide health care coverage for Kodak retirees should their current plans be dropped in the wake of the company’s bankruptcy.

A new report warned that property tax evasion is widespread.

The Tappan Zee will not become High Line North, but will be demolished after a replacement is created.

Mitt Romney faces substantial problems with women voters. 

A new Obama ad keeps up the heat on Mitt Romney’s tax plan and his failure to disclose his own tax returns. 

A new Romney add meanwhile hit Obama on the auto bailout, drawing attention to the auto dealerships that were closed across the country as a condition of the government-managed bankruptcies of General Motors and Chrysler.

Michelle Obama is barnstorming around North Carolina in advance of the convention. 

Mitt Romney tapped a former Hank Paulsen to defend his record at Bain. 

Jared Diamond said that Mitt Romney misrepresented his book. 

Morning Read: Cuomo Quiet at Convention; Dan Senor Becomes Top Romney Aide; Attack Ads on Auto Bailout