Morning Read: Malcolm Woos GOP; 2013 Elex Inch Closer; Another Veep Ryan Push

Eric Schneiderman is requesting financial information from dozens of tax-exempt groups that have become the biggest spenders in campaign finance this year under the guise of being social welfare organizations.

Michael Grimm failed to disclose a Congressional junket to Cyprus until after the person who hosted him was arrested on federal corruption charges. 

Malcolm Smith will be dining with the five GOP county chairs as he makes his case for why he should run for mayor as a Republican.

If it sounded like local officials were reading off of the same script when Andrew Cuomo toured the state to tout his budget deal, it’s because they were.

John Liu has promised to fight to the bitter end the $500,000 fine he got for illegal poster hanging in 2009. 

The City Council berated the Board of Elections for voting day screw-ups. The problem however, seems to be that the board is mostly appointed by the City Council at the discretion of county leaders, potential appointees are rarely chosen for their administrative experience, knowledge of election procedure or relevant job qualifications.

Officials there also called for a June election day in 2013, instead of September.

Ruben Diaz and John Liu have said that the cost of a new City Island bridge is skyrocketing and that the new span has not undergone the required public review.

Chuck Schumer joined the effort to keep the Bills in Buffalo. 

An NYPD officer was shot twice in the leg while chasing a suspect in eastern Queens.

The NYCLU isn’t too enthused about the new high-tech Microsoft collaboration with the NYPD: “We fully support the police using technology to combat crime and terrorism, but law-abiding New Yorkers should not end up in a police database every time they walk their dog, go to the doctor, or drive around Manhattan,” says an official there.

New York City is embarking on an unprecedented effort to identify remains in a potters field graveyard on Hart Island of bodies unidentified or unclaimed.

A life-sized avatar will be directing passengers at LaGuardia.

The Brooklyn tech scene is booming, The Post discovers.

Columbia University’s president recently announced a $30 million commitment to the recruitment and support of outstanding female and underrepresented minority scholars. “Can you say quotas?” asks a Post columnist. 

Donald Trump explained his appeal to voters: “They like what I say. I’m a very popular guy, as crazy as it might sound. It’s nice to be loved.”

Al Gore will be appearing at the Democratic convention, but on behalf of his TV network, Current. 

There aren’t many undecided voters left.

A new Romney ad says that Obama is a threat to religious freedom. 

The campaign seems to be getting even dirtier, with SuperPACs affiliated with both sides running ads that aren’t true. 

Obama holds a small lead over Romney in North Carolina. 

The WSJ makes the case for Paul Ryan for VP. 

Morning Read: Malcolm Woos GOP; 2013 Elex Inch Closer; Another Veep Ryan Push