Morning Read: Charter Schools for Romney; Keeping Biden On Message; Yogurt Politics

Archbishop Dolan defended his invitation of pro-choice Barack Obama to the Al Smith dinner. 

New Yorkers will pay an average of over $5,000 in new taxes if the Bush tax cuts are allowed to expire. 

Nearly 85 percent of New Yorkers say they don’t care if their next mayor is gay.

Marty Golden and Senate Republicans are introducing their own gun control legislation. 

Tom DiNapoli questioned the need for a Thruway toll hike. 

Andrew Cuomo called The Daily News’ investigations into NYCHA “disturbing.”

NYCHA residents in the Bronx are suing over a rat infestation.

Teachers unions are attempting to tie a pro-charter school group supported by Mike Bloomberg to Mitt Romney.

A plan to install surveillance cameras in Boro Park in the wake of the Leiby Kletzky kidnapping has stalled over concerns of what happens to the footage. 

The police are far more likely to use physical force in stop and frisks in the West Bronx than they are elsewhere.

Andrew Cuomo’s yogurt summit was so popular that it ran out of spoons.

Con Ed workers approved of their new contract.

The Times takes a look at Jay-Z’s role in the new Nets franchise. 

Can a Major League Soccer team come to Queens as soon as next year?

The Center for an Urban Future urged the Bloomberg administration to help small business get online. 

The VP also rans will have speaking slots in Tampa. 

Obama is still up over Romney in the Keystone State.

Iowa’s seven electoral votes could prove decisive. 

The struggles of keeping Biden on message. 

Paul Ryan seems to have easily weathered the transition to center stage. 

Obama defended Biden’s “chains” remark. 

Morning Read: Charter Schools for Romney; Keeping Biden On Message; Yogurt Politics