Morning Read: Lawsky Under Fire; Jeff Klein’s Power Play; Veep Pick Nears

“New York is going to make it happen,” Mitt Romney told 620 donors at an upper east side breakfast fundraiser yesterday.

Ben Lawsky’s decision to accuse a British bank of doing business with Iran brought him a firestorm of criticism, invoked comparisons to Andrew Cuomo and Eliot Spitzer, and left some wondering if the top Cuomo lieutenant is planning to run for office himself.

Bill Thompson received nearly $450,000 in campaign matching funds yesterday, money he can use to pay down nearly $600,000 in fines he accrued in 2009.

Randy Altschuler hit Tim Bishop for paying his daughter over $500,000 to help him fundraise. 

JCOPE reached agreement with 11 entities that failed to properly file as lobbyists. 

More than 40 percent of the money going to a Democrat challenging longtime incumbent Neil Breslin can be traced back to IDC chief Jeff Klein. 

Mother Jones takes a look at the paid sick leave fight. 

How to survive Penn Station. 

Charlie Rangel called for an end to the investigations that are strangling Alianza Dominicana, the sprawling social service agency headed by his former campaign manager. There is only one problem–there are no investigations.

Eric Schneiderman settled a lawsuit against roll your own cigarette shops. 

Jim Dwyer has a solution for rising gun violence: higher taxes on bullets. 

The Post says the recent shooting of an NYPD officer is a reason to increase stop-and-frisks. 

Nine New Yorkers voiced their frustration with the city’s water bill collection system yesterday at a hearing organized by public advocate Bill de Blasio.

The Times on Ray Harding: “He wore the tin crown of political kingpin with relish: a jowly, obese man with heavy eyelids, fingers stained yellow from unfiltered Camels, a rumbling voice and bespectacled gaze that many found intimidating. He was curt, and often spoke as if writing tabloid headlines aloud — ‘L.P.’ for the party, ‘Libs’ for the faithful.

Queens residents are complaining about airport noise. 

Brooklyn pols called on Andrew Cuomo to aid SUNY Downstate hospital. 

A look at vice-presidential picks that worked, and those that didn’t.

Mitt Romney is getting pressure to put Paul Ryan on his ticket. 

Romney said he wants a running mate with “vision.”

In a new ad, Barack Obama pushed back on Romney’s attacks on his welfare record. 

Newt Gingrich on Mitt Romney: “I don’t particularly dislike him as a person.”

Another poll has Obama up by seven over Romney. 

Morning Read: Lawsky Under Fire; Jeff Klein’s Power Play; Veep Pick Nears