Morning Read: Mayor Malcolm; Bike ‘Boondoggle’; Obama Up In New Polls

The Post has more on Malcolm Smith for mayor, running as a Republican.

SuperPAC’s are coming to the city races in 2013.

A decision by the state ethics watchdog will allow the Cuomo-backed Committee to Save New York to keep its donors private.

Scott Stringer said that if he is elected mayor, his seven-and -a-half month old son will become “the First Baby of New York.” 

Bill de Blasio courted the business community with a speech at NYU, in which he ripped the city’s land use process and praised the Atlantic Yards development. 

Steve Pigeon appears to be back in the Democratic fold.

Juan Gonzalez writes that the Board of Elections failed to count 500 votes in the Rangel/Espaillat race. 

LGBT supporters are upset that the Stonewall Democratic Club endorsed Luis Sepulveda for State Assembly, even though he opposes same-sex marriage.

Despite Mayor Bloomberg’s strict anti-gun stance, the city sells the police department’s spent shell casings to a Georgia ammunition store, which reloads them with bullets and sells them to the public.

Christine Quinn said that she will not try to push Chick-Fil-A out of New York City. 

The Post calls Mayor Bloomberg’s delayed bike share program “a boondoggle.”

The Daily News continues its investigation into NYCHA, noting that the housing agency is sitting on nearly $1 billion in federal cash.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed a bill that would have made it easier for parents to send their children to religious schools at taxpayer expense.

A Tom DiNapoli audit found that a company that provides special education to pre-school students bilked the state out of millions of dollars.

The late Judge Bruce McM. Wright, nicknamed “Turn ’em Loose Bruce” for his loose bail decisions, was honored by a street-renaming up in Harlem, something that seemed unimaginable when he was a lightning rod in the 1970’s.

A recent spate of shootings in Harlem brought odd couple Ray Kelly and Lenora Fulani together for a news conference. 

A city employee who works at a jobs center was fired after she tried to arrange for a welfare recipient to be paid to watch her pet ferret. 

The city opened a jobs center for veterans yesterday. 

Housing advocates are planning a week-long campout in Washington Square Park.

A study found that Mitt Romney’s tax plan would mean cuts for the wealthiest and higher rates for everyone else.

A new Romney ad attempts to flip the narrative of the auto bailout. 

The Romney campaign has launched a tumblr to respond to attacks. 

Tea Party favorite Ted Cruz easily won a runoff for the GOP nomination for Senate in Texas.

New polls give Obama an edge in three key battleground states. 

Morning Read: Mayor Malcolm; Bike ‘Boondoggle’; Obama Up In New Polls