Morning Read: Party in Israel; Meet Marc LaVorgna; Romney’s Convention Brand

Various congressmen, including local Rep. Michael Grimm, appeared to have quite the party on a trip to Israel last year. The FBI looked into it but apparently did not find evidence of wrongdoing.

Grimm’s spokeswoman said he kept his clothes on, something not everyone else there could say.

Bill Thompson is the only mayoral candidate with a clear path to the runoff.

Bill de Blasio is now critiquing “radical” Janette Sadik-Khan and called for a slower approach to changing the city’s streets.

Eric Schneiderman is investigating the head of SUNY’s Research Foundation, who may have given a no-show job to former Majority Leader Joe Bruno’s daughter.

Laura Nahmias profiled Marc LaVorgna, Mayor Bloomberg’s new press secretary.

Two Republicans are vying to take on Alec Brook-Krasny.

Eric Ulrich and Joe Addabbo criticized each other over gun control and safety issues.

Nydia Velázquez is no longer set to endorse Mark Gjonaj.

The New York Post kept the heat on Naomi Rivera.

The Post wasn’t impressed with public school advocates connecting StudentsFirstNY to Mitt Romney.

The New York Times praised Judge Noach Dear, a former City Councilman in Boro Park.

There’s been lax oversight of the city’s affordable housing program.

Western New York was Carl Paladino’s base in 2010, but Governor Cuomo is polling just fine there now.

Rudy Giuliani questioned whether Joe Biden is fit for office.

President Obama’s reelection campaign is much more disorderly than his 2008 race.

Mitt Romney wants to use the convention to project himself as a professional businessman.

He also plans to use it to overcome his image of being stiff and aloof.

The Washington Post profiled his rise through the ranks of Boston’s Mormon Church.

Paul Krugman called Paul Ryan an “unserious man” and critiqued “Ryanomics.”

Occupy Wall Street activists intend to make noise at the conventions. Morning Read: Party in Israel; Meet Marc LaVorgna; Romney’s Convention Brand