Morning Read: Pressure on Silver; New York in Tampa; Chris Christie’s Speech

James Sanders called on Shirley Huntley to resign.

Investigators are looking to see if Huntley personally profited from her allegedly non-existent nonprofit.

The vote against Frank Seddio seems to be coalescing around Karim Camara, who’s not a district leader and would need some rules maneuvers to be able to pull it off.

Jo Anne Simon is still keeping her name out there too.

Gatemouth: “A very good vote counter privy to the grapevine says Seddio already has the votes to become the new Brooklyn Democratic Leader.”

The Assembly’s confidential settlement is officially being probed by JCOPE.

The Daily News said, “Silver hid the ugly truth from the public and must reveal all now.”

The Post basically concurred and is eager for a Shelly Silver vs. Governor Cuomo showdown.

Michael Goodwin said this is the time for  Cuomo to prove himself for 2016.

Marc Landis, a City Council candidate and official in the Manhattan Democratic Party, wrote a letter accusing the Board of Elections of attempting to sabotage Adriano Espaillat in the September 13th primary.

At a press conference yesterday, Mayor Bloomberg said there were no planned changes to his soda restriction proposal in response to the public hearings on the matter.

The Jewish Daily Forward editorialized in favor of the city’s proposed circumcision policy.

Gale Brewer urged patience with paid sick days and does not sound like she’ll override Christine Quinn.

Some are wondering what’s the next move for Rudy Giuliani.

Wendy Long explained why she opted out of the Republican National Convention.

New York isn’t feeling the love in Tampa.

New Jersey was the state to officially nominate Mitt Romney, but Ed Cox still gave a grand speech about the Empire State while announcing New York’s vote.

The words “Tea Party” don’t seem to have come up during the speeches.

Social issues also seemed to have been shoved aside, mostly.

View Ann Romney’s speech here and Chris Christie’s here.

Christie promoted himself as much as Romney.

It took him 16 minutes to mention Romney’s name.

A Romney adviser said his speech was exactly what they wanted.

Rick Santorum accused President Obama of creating a “nightmare of dependency.”

The convention very selectively edited Obama’s “You didn’t build that” phrase.

Morning Read: Pressure on Silver; New York in Tampa; Chris Christie’s Speech