Morning Read: Replacing Vito; Redistricting Albany; Christie’s Big Moment

Republicans have seen increased numbers in some areas of the outer boroughs.

Eliot Spitzer wouldn’t characterize himself as a critic of Governor Cuomo.

In his new blog, Chris Bragg reports that Jerry Iannece’s nonprofit is rather supportive of Jerry Iannece.

The Bronx establishment is going all-out to save Naomi Rivera.

Crain’s Insider outlined some more possible Vito Lopez replacements.

New York State paid $103,000 to settle a previous sexual harassment claim against Lopez.

The New York Times called on Lopez to step down, while the New York Post and the Daily News put the heat on Shelly Silver instead.

“Albany’s enforcement mechanisms — supposedly bolstered by Cuomo — broke down badly when it came to Lopez,” Bill Hammond opined.

Simcha Felder is still trying to kick David Storobin off the ballot.

Avi Tischler pitched his candidacy while emphasizing school vouchers.

There’s been a slight increase in the number of “satisfactory” teachers in the city.

Eric Schneiderman issued subpoenas to energy drink manufacturers in an investigation to see if they’ve mislabeled their products.

The Post slammed Civil Court Judge Noach Dear for wantonly dismissing credit card debt.

Albany is preparing for its council redistricting.

New York Republicans see several opportunities to be part of Mitt Romney’s administration.

Chris Christie will give the most important speech of his political career tonight.

He is a skilled speaker.

Christie did not like the Post‘s front-page story where he reportedly dismissed Romney’s chances.

Crossroads canceled another $700,000 they had booked for the Missouri Senate Race.

The state’s GOP delegates are standing by Todd Akin.

“If elected, he promises to bring all Americans together and make them feel inferior,” David Brooks wrote of the Romney presidency.

Romney’s five sons are campaign surrogates as well.

The Congressional Black Caucus is not a fan of Artur Davis’ Republican metamorphosis.

Morning Read: Replacing Vito; Redistricting Albany; Christie’s Big Moment