Morning Read: Rivera Under Investigation; Spitzer on Dupre Baby; Todd Akin Hangs On

Michael Grimm, not the skinnydipping congressman, was the focus of the FBI’s probe into Israel. But a member of his campaign called that report “absurd.” 

He distanced himself from Ofer Biton.

Dan Halloran argued for liberty, in Maine.

Hakeem Jeffries joined with Kirsten Gillibrand to push for a federal minimum wage increase.

Gillibrand is understandably not sweating her reelection too much at this point.

“I just don’t respond to that stuff, except to [say to] anybody who is pregnant, congratulations and good luck,” Eliot Spitzer said when asked about Ashley Dupre’s pregnancy. “Having kids is the best thing in the world. So whomever it may be, that’s always my attitude.”

Naomi Rivera’s now under investigation.

The NYPD’s Muslim surveillance efforts led to no leads or arrests.

“Up until my opponent started running, I never heard about her before,” Jerry Iannece said about Nily Rozic.

Shawn Morse once broke another guy’s nose in a bar fight.

The Daily News said Michael Grimm “let the country down” for joining that party in the Sea of Galilee.

Rob Astorino went on Capital Tonight to discuss the latest with the Tappan Zee Bridge.

The project passed a key vote, allowing it to proceed forward.

The city passed a rule change that will allow smaller businesses to have fewer bathrooms.

Teamsters President Greg Floyd critiqued the management process of NYCHA and said they should look internally for advice instead of using $10 million outside consultant.

Tony Avella’s Republican opponent complained that he is getting free press out of an issue.

He may have a ray of hope, however. A 1 day polling sample showed him about where he was before the controversy.

The New York Times, Daily News, and the New York Post all slammed Akin.

Todd Akin launched an “I’m not quitting” ad campaign, a move sure to please some liberal tacticians.

Here’s a new ad where Akin asked for forgiveness:

Morning Read: Rivera Under Investigation; Spitzer on Dupre Baby; Todd Akin Hangs On