Morning Read: Seddio in the Open; Like a Cobra Welcomes a Mongoose; Paul Ryan’s Speech

Frank Seddio pitched himself as a changing of the guard.

“It’s kind of like running a marathon, where I’m coming in number one and she’s number 6,367,” he said of one of his rivals, Jo Anne Simon.

One pro-Seddio district leader was not amused by the Draft Karim Camara movement.

The New York Times delved into Vito  Lopez’s office, where he apparently suggested women go without bras. Quote one former staffer, “Vito doesn’t hire ugly girls.”

An anonymous Lopez foe connected Steve Levin to the issue.

Lopez paid two women $32,000, in addition to $103,000 the state chipped in, for that first settlement.

The New York Post outed one of the settlement recipients on its front cover.

And editorialized that Shelly Silver welcomes a settlement investigation “like a cobra welcomes a mongoose.”

While the Daily News called for a full disclosure on the matter.

The publication also called for a ban on all earmarks in light of Shirley Huntley’s arrest.

The probe into Huntley has widened to every earmark she’s ever given.

James Sanders vowed to be a pro-labor state senator.

Ben Akselrod apologized for his “negrohood” mailer.

That anti-StudentsFirstNY group is on “a shoe-string budget but has demonstrated a knack for scaring up publicity.”

A federal judge is upset with the MTA in delaying his ruling that they allow a controversial pro-Israel ad.

Governor Cuomo will soon announce his plans on child pornography and electronic cigarette bills that passed the Legislature earlier this year.

Is Chris Christie just a more electable version of Rudy Giuliani’s political brand?

The convention camera briefly flashed to Marty Golden at one point.

Republican celebrities are enjoying themselves in Tampa too.

Watch Condi Rice’s and Paul Ryan’s speeches.

Maggie Haberman said Ryan gave the best speech yet.

Not everything Ryan said was entirely accurate.

Ryan made sure to clarify that he’s pro-Medicare.

Rice made a splash with her own speech as well.

In his speech, Mike Huckabee said he doesn’t care which church Mitt Romney belongs to.

Romney himself will embrace his faith tonight.

Michael Barbaro took a deep look at Romney’s transition from 2008 to 2012.

Morning Read: Seddio in the Open; Like a Cobra Welcomes a Mongoose; Paul Ryan’s Speech