Morning Read: Young Voters Meh on Cuomo; Romney’s Sister Souljah Moment; Eva Longoria’s Speech

The next obesity policy fight: whether school breakfasts should be provided in classrooms.

Guy Molinari said Chuck Schumer pushed the FBI to investigate Michael Grimm.

Hank Sheinkopf said Mark Murphy’s latest argument against Grimm “speaks to desperation.”

Supporters and opponents of hydrofracking are taking to the airwaves as Governor Cuomo’s administration nears a decision.

The Daily News slammed the candidates refusing to take money from StudentsFirstNY.

Mayor Bloomberg gave a healthy contribution to the Democratic Senate candidate in Arizona

The Post takes another crack at Naomi Rivera, this time focusing on the DOE investigation.

Young voters aren’t as enthused with Governor Cuomo as the rest of New York.

Laura Nahmias profiled New York State AFL-CIO President Mario Cilento and Central Labor Council President Vinnie Alvarez.

On Capital Tonight, Cilento said Marty Golden crossing a CWA picket line was decisive in their decision to back Andrew Gounardes.

The Brooklyn GOP opened up their campaign HQ

Yen Chou made her pitch to various constituencies on The Perez Notes.

Prosecutors aren’t pursuing criminal charges in the Bronx at the same level as the other boroughs.

Two thirds of New Yorkers approve of bike lanes.

The Jets’ and the Giants’ owners stand on different sides of the presidential election.

Ed Koch said Mitt Romney failed his “Sister Souljah moment” with Todd Akin.

Akin’s political career has been rooted in his religious beliefs.

Chris Christie vowed to have a colorful keynote convention speech.

Eva Longoria will be among the speakers at the Democrats’ convention. Caroline Kennedy, Sandra Fluke and others will join her.

The Daily News launched an opinion-oriented blog on the presidential race.

Roger Stone labeled Paul Ryan’s ideology an “odyssey” and asked in his headline, “What Is Paul Ryan?”

The New York Observer took a look at Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand in its cover story this week. Morning Read: Young Voters Meh on Cuomo; Romney’s Sister Souljah Moment; Eva Longoria’s Speech