New Effort to Add ‘Internet Freedom’ to Dem, GOP Platforms

A civil liberties group that helped defeat a bill that opponents said would have strangled the free and open internet are now taking their fight to Tampa and Charlotte.

Demand Progress, which describes itself as a “one million member civil liberties group” announced the launch of a campaign to demand that the  Republican and Democratic Parties “put a commitment to internet freedom in their respective party platforms at the upcoming conventions.”

The group rolled (of course) a website for the campaign: 

“It should be obvious to lawmakers in both parties that internet freedom needs to be a priority,” said David Segal, executive director of Demand Progress. “Strong platform statements in support of internet freedom will create a clear baseline of acceptable behavior and make it less likely that we’ll face another situation where dozens of lawmakers sign on in support of internet-obliterating bills like PIPA or SOPA.”

The bill in question was known as the Stop Online Piracy Act, and opponents of the bill feared that if it passed it would have harmed sites like Twitter and Tumblr that rely on user-generated content. Eventually, the bill’s sponsors backed down, something we wrote about here. 

This particular campaign may be something more of a long shot, with the platform drafting committees fairly deep in the work and the conventions only a few weeks away.

New Effort to Add ‘Internet Freedom’ to Dem, GOP Platforms