Newsweek Creative Director Poached by The New Republic

Could an era of less splashy Newsweek covers be at hand–or has the final control between Tina Brown and utterly unfiltered buzz been removed? Dirk Barnett, the creative director of Tina Brown’s Newsweek—and thus the man responsible for the Photoshopped “Diana at 50” cover, the “first gay president” cover and a phallic asparagus that we found particularly amusing—is off to the staffing-up New Republic, which has lately been getting attention for its Photoshopped covers as well. With a Romney adviser spun as the as Dos Equis pitch man and–yes–an uglied-up British royal, Chris Hughes’s publication should be ready for Mr. Barnett’s particular touch.

<em>Newsweek</em> Creative Director Poached by <em>The New Republic</em>