No moths in Sarlo’s wallet

If state Sen. Paul Sarlo hopes to succeed Sen. President Steve Sweeney in the post, he’s given himself a leg up over the past year.  Since January 2011, no other elected official has donated as much to fellow candidates for office.

During that time, the Bergen County senator has doled out $279,000 to his fellow brothers and sisters in arms.  Sarlo, who is rumored to be interested in the post should Sweeney pursue a bid for national office, said Thursday he would support Sweeney should he decide he wants a third term.  As of the last report filed in July, Sarlo maintains a war chest of more than $346,000.

Sen. Dick Codey, the former and possibly would-be governor, is a close second, having donated $278,000 in good will over that time period, an mount that likely would not go unnoticed should he make a run at Gov. Chris Christie next year. Codey maintains more than $800,000 in the bank.  Sweeney was a close third at $251,000.  The Senate president boasts a war chest of more than $582,000. No moths in Sarlo’s wallet