Dunkin Donuts Definitely Needed Its Very Own Mobile Payment App

Coffee on the go.

America runs on smartphones, more like. (Photo: flickr.com/robertbanh)

Now that big fancy Starbucks has its Square-enabled mobile payments system, you didn’t think Dunkin Donuts was going to allow itself to be one-upped like some sort of country cousin, did you? Certainly not!

GigaOm reports that today, the Massachusetts-based purveyor of superior coffee and slightly stale baked goods is launching its very own mobile payments app, for those of you looking to download something new to the fifth screen of your smartphone.. How it works:

When it comes time to pay, users select which virtual card they want to use and the app presents a QR code, which is scanned by an employee. The amount is deducted from their balance immediately after the purchase.

Dunkin Donuts’ mobile payment system, which is available at most of its 7,000 U.S. locations, is similar in execution to the Starbucks mobile app, which also works with virtual cards and barcodes. But unlike the Starbucks mobile app, Dunkin Donuts users can also send mobile gift cards to each other via the app. Users can send a gift card up to $100 to a friend via Facebook, email or text message.

Also included: Nutritional facts, to remind you that their muffins actually have more calories than most of their donuts. (Seriously.)

This news comes the day after a group of retailers include Walmart, Best Buy, and 7-Eleven announced plans for their own system for mobile payments. Mobile payments for erry’body!

Still a mystery: how any of these apps are, in any way, faster than just swiping a credit card.

Dunkin Donuts Definitely Needed Its Very Own Mobile Payment App