Peter King Calls Out Both Parties For Cowardice

Long Island Republican Congressman Peter King appeared on the John Gambling show this morning and slammed his colleagues in  both parties for failing to come to an agreement on critical issues before leaving for a five-week recess.

“Maybe I am from the old-school, and I don’t want to sound at all sanctimonious, but I think if you are in politics in either party or both parties where you are afraid of disturbing anyone, all kidding aside, if I cast every vote petrified that John Gambling might disagree with me or this person might disagree with me, you never get anything done,” the longtime incumbent said. “You do it and you go out and you defend it and you go on to the next one.”

Mr. King went on to say that the reason his colleagues couldn’t compromise, and thus couldn’t actually get anything done, was because they treat their constituents like children.

“The American people are adult enough to say, ‘Ok we disagree with him on this, this is wrong, I will vote for him, I will vote against him and then you go onto the next issue. Anything controversial, we kick it off and kick it off. Finally you get a situation where you run out of time and you are facing a looming catastrophe.”

Mr. King comes in the wake of members of Congress showing the increasing strains of working in a building that is by all accounts dysfunctional.  This week, Steven LaTourette, a nine-term Congressman from Ohio, announced his retirement citing frustration with the body.  Today, Maine Senator Susan Collins slammed her colleagues for failing to pass any major piece of legislation.

“It’s not only the failure to take on the biggest single threat to our country right now, that of cyberattacks,” she said. “Or to complete the farm bill. But also, we’ve yet to pass a single appropriations bill. Tax issues remain completely unresolved, as well. I think it’s really disappointing.”

Congressman King said that things were so bad between the parties that he could not imagine them passing a bill to avoid massive tax hikes and defense cuts until after the November election.

“I don’t see anyway it can be done before the election. Both parties are dug in. Obama, his campaign is based on the fact that he is going to let the tax cuts expire for the top one or two percent,” he said. “Republicans say you can’t let taxes go up.  They won’t compromise.”

Peter King Calls Out Both Parties For Cowardice