With Newly Opened New York Office, Polyvore Looks to Bond With Brands

The tech team remains back west.

Note the inspiration boards. (Photo: Polyvore)

The latest West Coast outfit to open up an outpost here in the chaotic environs of New York City: social commerce platform Polyvore. Their new neighborhood? Naturally it’s Soho, that downtown anthill swarming with fashionistas. While the company has had employees stationed here for years, the new office finally gives them a proper home.

Polyvore, which makes it easy for members to create those inspiration board-like collages so beloved by fashion bloggers and also to purchase whatever happens to be featured in those collages, just topped 17 million uniques per month. Over the last year the company has been working more closely with brands, including hosting its first fashion show in February, featuring FIT alums.

Cofounder Pasha Sadri told Betabeat via email that, “Being in close proximity to the fashion powerhouses of New York was a natural next step” for the company.

However, don’t make the mistake of thinking they’re uprooting their technical team just yet. “Being in New York will hopefully allow us to lay down our roots and further increase our participation in the fashion industry,” Mr. Sadri told us, adding that the office will be a “hub for advertising sales and partnerships with the fashion industry.” He expects to hire a Vice President of Sales, who will be based here.

“Many of the world’s greatest brands are based in New York, but a lot of the innovation in advertising and marketing is happening in Silicon Valley,” Mr. Sadri said. “Polyvore’s approach of combining social commerce and advertising is unique and we’re excited to share it with New York.”

At the moment the company has eight New York employees, but the company is growing fast enough that number is likely to increase.

The company even got an official hello from one-man tech welcome-wagon, Mayor Bloomberg. Tucked into Polyvore’s announcement was this bit from Hizzoner:

“By opening an office here, Polyvore is joining the growing group of tech companies who recognize that the benefits of being in New York City are irresistible, regardless of where a startup began.”

Hear that, everyone on the West Coast? New York will have even those companies that aren’t locally grown.

Polyvore’s investors include Benchmark Capital, Matrix Partners, DAG Ventures, Goldman Sachs, and Vivi Nevo. With Newly Opened New York Office, Polyvore Looks to Bond With Brands