Public Bathroom in Russian City Becomes Art Gallery

Stock photo of a toilet. (Courtesy Nadine Hutton /Getty Images)

There is a rich history of bathrooms serving as art galleries. Dan Colen famously had his first Gagosian show alongside toilets at its West 24 Street branch in 2006. Gracie Mansion (née Joanne Mayhew) got into the art-dealing business with a show in her East Village bathroom in 1982; she called the gallery Loo Division.

Now an art museum in the town of Izhevsk, Russia, is following suit, according to CBS, establishing a gallery in the city of 600,000’s only public toilet. It is called the Toilet Museum. From the story:

“As the public toilet is on the premises of our gallery, we are located in the same building, so it’s our toilet. We have long had this idea and finally we put this into practice,” said Galina Taranukha, deputy head of an art gallery housed above the toilet.

The honor to open the “Toilet Museum” was given to one of the town’s best artists.

“Paintings by Sergei Orlov are exhibited here. He is an artist who is well-known in Izhevsk. His exhibitions have been held in Russia and abroad. We can even say he’s one of the very well-known artists in Russian provinces. It’s great that his works open all this, that he gives a push to this new and unusual art space,” Galina Taranukha said.

While Mr. Orlov’s exhibition looks strong, judging by the video that accompanies the CBS post, Bjarne Melgaard remains, for us, the reigning champion in the category of bathroom art installations, having presented a wild one at Luxembourg & Dayan last year. Public Bathroom in Russian City Becomes Art Gallery