Reddit Nabs a World Record Involving Neither Cats Nor Nudie Pics

Behold, the power of crowd-sourced presents.

Reddit employees looking pleased with themselves. (Photo: RedditGifts)

Is there nothing beyond the  skill of the hive mind? (Well, other than creating a self-sustaining island community.) Reddit’s collective muscle has now been immortalized as an official honoree in the Guinness Book of World Records. And it didn’t even require growing out your fingernails.

However, someone did have to talk the good folks at Guinness into creating a special category: largest online Secret Santa game.

RedditGifts was started in 2009 as a way of organizing an enormous Christmastime gift-swap, but it’s since morphed into a forum for gifting programs of all kinds. Currently ongoing: A program soliciting donations for teachers buying school supplies, and another encouraging pet owners to swap presents.

Despite much idle chatter about the possibility, it fell to one particularly dedicated Redditor–someguyfromcanada–who took it upon himself to ensure that the Secret Santa program got its world historical due. He wrangled and wrangled and finally got Guinness to create the appropriate category, and so, after an appropriately popular year, RedditGifts is now an official Guinness Book of World Records winner. From the announcement:

When the totals were sent to Guinness, there were 30,250 participants in 115 countries that counted for the record. Congratulations to all of you, and to reddit for being in the Guinness world’s record book! We think this year secret santa is going to be even bigger and we can set the record even higher, so stay tuned!

Just don’t ask them to solve a mystery.

Reddit Nabs a World Record Involving Neither Cats Nor Nudie Pics