Rhoda Jacobs Survives Tough Ballot Challenge

Rhoda Jacobs (Photo: Facebook)

In a little-noticed development, Assemblywoman Rhoda Jacobs has been fighting for her political life in recent days as her main primary challenger, District Leader Rodneyse Bichotte, put in a very serious legal challenge to her presence on the ballot. As Mary Alice Miller reported yesterday, multiple candidates for county committee did not consent to having sharing petitions with Ms. Jacobs, which Ms. Bichotte’s attorney argued should invalidate all of the petitions.

“If two or more individuals did not give permission to have their name placed on the ballot, precedent dictates that the entire petition is invalid,” he explained.

A State Supreme Court ruling initially sided with Ms. Jacobs, but Ms. Bichotte pushed forward with an appeal that had multiple Brooklyn observers on edge about what could be a surprise shock in her race. Without her Democratic Party line, she couldn’t effectively run for reelection and Ms. Bichotte would win in a walk. Accordingly, Ms. Bichotte heavily invested in these legal endeavors, according to an observer following the proceedings.

However, the appeal was unsuccessful in doing anything but invalidating those sheets of signatures containing the non-consenting candidates, leaving Ms. Jacobs with plenty of breathing room to clear the required signature threshold. The ruling, which you can view below, effectively places Ms. Jacobs firmly on the ballot for the Democratic primary.

But Ms. Jacobs is not out of the hot water yet and she remains one of the more vulnerable incumbents in the state for the September 13th primary election. Her district is only 15% white and has a heavy Caribbean population, where Ms. Bichotte, who’s of Haitian descent, can be expected to perform well.

Today’s ruling:

Rhoda Jacobs Survives Tough Ballot Challenge