Romney Aide Calls Tax Policy Center Report ‘A Joke’

On a conference call with reporters this morning aides to Mitt Romney slammed a Tax Policy Center report on the governor’s tax proposals that came out yesterday.

“That report you referenced is a joke,” said Eric Ferhnstrom, a chief advisor to Mr. Romney. “There are serious flaws with the both the authorship and the methodology. It was co-authored by a member of the Obama White House, someone who was part of the White House economic team. And the study doesn’t take into account important aspects of Governor Romney’s plan which will have a positive, pro-growth impact on the economy.”

The author of the report who was a member of the White House economic team is Adam Looney, who is one of the study’s three co-authors and who was a staff economist on the Council of Economic Advisers from 2009 to 2010. But as Ezra Klein notes, another author of the report was William Gale, who was a staff economist on George H.W. Bush’s Council of Economic Advisers.

The report said that in order for Mr. Romney to fulfill his pledge to lower rates on the wealthiest and to cut spending, he will have to raise taxes massively on the poor and middle class.

But Mr. Ferhnstrom said that the real enemy of the middle class is President Barack Obama.

“Unlike President Obama, Governor Romney has a plan to reduce taxes on all Americans.  President Obama is hostile to job creators in word and deed. He derides small business by telling them they didn’t build that and he wants to raise taxes on job creators. So that’s our reaction to the Tax Policy Center’s study,” he said.

Later, Romney economic advisor Kevin Hassett had a somewhat more sober-minded criticism, saying that the report didn’t take into account how Mr. Romney’s tax cuts for the rich, which he said would grow the economy. The TPC report was a “static score” with ” no one adjusting to anything.”

“It’s not related to economic reality,” he said.

Romney Aide Calls Tax Policy Center Report ‘A Joke’