Romney Launches Bain Counterattack at RNC


Mitt Romney launched a major counteroffensive against the Obama campaign’s persistent attacks on his record at the private equity firm Bain Capital today. Not only did he unveil to tout his private-sector achievements, but tonight’s schedule at the Republican National Convention is loaded up with Bain-related events.

“Sterling business career” is certainly in reference to President Bill Clinton once describing Mr. Romney’s record as such, although the website doesn’t push that particular angle. Instead, it features examples of Mr. Romney doing all kinds of positive private-sector things.

Mr. Romney’s press release announcing the move said the website is there, “so the American people can learn more about Governor Romney’s success in the private sector where he built, fixed and grew businesses.”

Visitors to the website can hear testimonials from business leaders like Tom Stemberg, the founder of Staples Inc., who’s been a surrogate for Mr. Romney to deflect Bain-based criticism in the past. These attacks, both from President Barack Obama’s campaign and allied Super PACs, appear to have left at least a mark on Mr. Romney’s brand, according to polling.

And, as it so happens, the recently announced convention schedule has Mr. Stemberg as a featured speaker, sandwiched between two videos certain to promote Mr. Romney’s success at the company.

Romney Launches Bain Counterattack at RNC