Roundup: How Jewish People Eat

Jason Horowitz tried to untangle Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s political affiliations.

Governor Cuomo, who once ran for governor on the Liberal Party’s line, mourned the loss of its former  head Ray Harding.

Malcolm Smith still has some work to do to earn the support of the city’s GOP chairmen.

Seven candidates filed for Larry Seabrook’s seat, including former Councilman Larry Warden.

David Storobin and Craig Eaton shared a hug after Eaton previously leveled some criticisms.

Storobin invited Simcha Felder to come with him to Israel.

Dov Hikind barely held onto the Conservative Party’s line.

Rudy Giuliani and George Pataki are helping a Florida U.S. Senate candidate raise funds.

What the Big Dig tells us about how Mitt Romney’s governs.

First Read says it’s not an even race–President Barack Obama is ahead.

The Romney staff’s top five gaffes.

Mike Allen grabs the details on the DNC.

White House press secretary Jay Carney dodged questions about an ad produced by a pro-Obama super PAC that tied Mitt Romney and Bain Capital to the death of a steelworker’s wife.

Though the ad hasn’t appeared on TV, it is being watched by a high number of YouTubers in swing states.

Revelations from Time Out’s interviews with Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s staffers include the fact he has a sign saying “AWESOME SHIT WALL” in his City Hall offices and he offered to show an aide “how Jewish people eat” during a trip to a deli.

The Secret Service questioned a city councilman in Michigan after he appeared at a rally holding a sign featuring Obama’s head on a spike.

Roundup: How Jewish People Eat