Roundup: It’s Been a Weird Few Weeks

The “Manhattan Madam” took another step towards running for mayor of New York City.

Mayor Bloomberg had a testy response to a reporter inquiring about the NYPD-inflicted wounds caused at the Empire State Building Shooting.

Adriano Espaillat and Guillermo Linares took shots at one another in a Washington Heights debate last Friday.

“Vito Lopez is a sexual predator who should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law with both criminal and civil charges against him,” Lincoln Restler said. “His corrupt reign has, fortunately, come to an end.”

Citizens Union would like JCOPE to take a look into the settlement with Lopez’s first sexual harassment allegation.

Governor Cuomo agreed that the ethics panel needs to do something.

Gatemouth quixotically pushed for a write-in campaign from Diana Renya against Lopez.

Clyde Haberman took stock of the recent string of scandals hitting the New York State Legislature, summing it up at one point with “Ah, Albany.”

“It’s been a weird few weeks,” James Sanders campaign manager said, following their opponent’s arrest.

Chris Bragg delved into the connections between David Storobin’s and Dan Halloran’s campaigns.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan will address the Democratic National Convention too.

Dolan called on both presidential candidates to sign a civility pledge. Asked about it, Staten Island politicians scoffed.

John Boehner will address New York’s Republican delegation tomorrow.

Al D’Amato gave a fiery speech himself today.

Pete King couldn’t find any other New York congressmen at the convention.

Ron Paul is still a problem for Mitt Romney.

Todd Akin tried to go on the offense against Claire McCaskill.

Isaac is officially a hurricane. Roundup: It’s Been a Weird Few Weeks