Roundup: Mitt the Man

Mark Murphy released a cute web video highlighting Michael Grimm’s controversies.

Frank Seddio hired George Arzt to handle his communications effort. It’s an interesting contrast with Vito Lopez, who genuinely did not believe in the press.

Lopez’s scandal infiltrates Lincoln Restler’s district leader race.

Tom DiNapoli finally released a statement explaining his approval of the settlement.

Tim Bishop released an internal poll showing him with a solid lead.

NYC Votes! created an interactive map to illustrate voter turnout in the seven congressional races on June 26th.

David Storobin asked Simcha Felder to join him in fighting for a Jewish circumcision ritual.

Andrew Gounardes declined the NRA’s endorsement.

The Queens Chronicle made the “easy” endorsement of James Sanders.

The Queens Tribune did the same, along with the not-necessarily-surprising endorsement of John Messer.

When pressed, Al D’Amato will eventually say he supports Wendy Long.

Even the Chinese-language press has discovered Ben Akselrod’s “negrohood” mailer.

JCOPE named names as to which candidates haven’t properly filed disclosure reports.

The MTA is continuing their experiment of removing trash cans from subway stations.

John Mancuso was endorsed by UFCW.

The Tischler brothers, profiled.

Rudy Giulani renewed his criticism of President Obama claiming credit on Osama bin Laden.

Todd Akin’s newest defender: Newt Gingrich.

Akin is doing decently in the latest poll of his race.

Paul Ryan’s speech yesterday can’t compare to Sarah Palin’s in terms of viewership numbers.

The Obama campaign mocked Ryan’s factual missteps.

What Mitt Romney needs to do tonight with his speech.

The Fix gave some suggestions too, including presenting himself as “Mitt the Man.”

Clint Eastwood will be the surprise speaker tonight.

Roundup: Mitt the Man