Roundup: Spellbound By Self-Styled Saviors

Steny Hoyer is fundraising for Staten Island Congressional candidate Mark Murphy at the law offices of Ravi Batra.

Mike Bloomberg got testy with a WPIX reporter who (persistently) asked about selling spent casings to a Georgia gun manufacturer.

Dave Weigel knocks Mike Bloomberg for “Friedmanism” on gun control–which he says is arguing that “‘neither party is doing anything about this issue’ when one party clearly is”

“There is no question that New Yorkers want strong mayors, to the point that they can be spellbound by self-styled saviors,” Clyde Haberman declared while musing about the city’s next mayor.

The Buffalo News knocks Wendy Long for knocking Kirsten Gillibrand’s “War on Women.”

David Storobin had his day in court and explained how he ended up witnessing the signature of a dead person. Brooklyn GOP Chair Craig Eaton subsequently criticized Storobin for his explanation of petitioning errors.

Ruben Diaz Sr. will endorse Mark Gjonaj over the incumbent, Naomi Rivera.

Tony Avella and Eric Ulrich were endorsed by the Uniformed Fire Officers Association.

Shawn Morse and Neil Breslin traded shots at one another.

Avraham Tischler has “A Real Campaign Website.”

The paid sick leave drumbeat continues.

Stop-and-frisk will not be coming to San Francisco.

There are a number of primary races in other states tonight, including Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington.

The Romney campaign’s hit on welfare was a long time coming.

There are a number of primary races in other states tonight, including Michigan, Missouri, Kansas and Washington.

Sandra Fluke will introduce Barack Obama at a campaign stop in Colorado tomorrow.

Obama inched ahead in the latest polling in North Carolina.

A spokesman for CIA Director David Petraeus shot down the rumors he could be Mitt Romney’s running mate.

The case for Paul Ryan as Romney’s vice presidential pick.

Ohio senator and potential veep Rob Portman once worked as a registered foreign agent for the regime of a Haitian dictator.

Karl Rove says the Romney veep pick could come “as early as Friday.”

A pro-Obama super PAC released an ad implicating Bain Capital in a woman’s death.

Romney wants Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to reveal the source for his claim the Republican candidate hasn’t paid his taxes in a decade.

The man who shot former Congresswoman Gabby Giffords and several other people in Tuscon last year plead guilty as part of a deal that will avoid a trial.

Rafalca, the dressage horse co-owned by Ann Romney, did not advance to the next round of the Olympics.

Roundup: Spellbound By Self-Styled Saviors