Roundup: The Dumbest Question Anybody Was Asked

The NRCC plans to invest heavily in some Upstate districts.

The city’s unemployment rate remained steady at 10 percent.

Bob Kappstatter weighed in on Naomi Rivera’s “Snooki tabloid scandal.”

John Liu said he won’t take any money from a pro-charter-school group in his 2013 campaign.

Public-school advocates hope more will follow suit, but Christine Quinn isn’t on board. For his part, Bill Thompson is thinking about it, saying, “I reserve judgment for the moment and look forward to learning more.”

Ben Akselrod, like many candidates Brooklyn and beyond, made his trek to Masbia Soup Kitchen.

Eric Ulrich outlined his positions on various issues in the Queens Chronicle.

David Storobin prayed at the Wailing Wall.

The race to replace Grace Meng has become the most competitive one in Queens.

Vito Lopez is supporting Walter Mosley for the State Assembly.

Governor Cuomo consolidated some state agencies.

Reid Pillifant profiled Ben Lawsky’s recent successes.

Fewer New Yorkers are supporting stop-and-frisk.

An Obama event was catered by a man wearing a T-shirt criticizing his “you didn’t build that” quote.

CNN declared that Wisconsin is officially a tossup.

Dave Weigel was unimpressed with a reporter’s question to Jay Carney about Joe Biden remaining on the vice presidential ticket, declaring it “The Dumbest Question Anybody Was Asked Today.”

Biden had a cupcake incident.

Paul Ryan denied lobbying for stimulus dollars, contradicting his record of having done so.

Roundup: The Dumbest Question Anybody Was Asked