Roundup: The Strangest Thing I Ever Ate Was Fried Scorpion

The Village Voice also laid off key staff members today.

Stu Loeser had to “tack left” on most issues when he switched teams from Chuck Schumer to Mayor Bloomberg.

Greg Ball’s campaign further attempted to label their opponent “Wacky Wagner” and argued he needs to disclose conflicts of interest with his law firm.

Governor Cuomo signed various pieces of legislation, including solar energy bills.

There is something interesting going on with James Sanders’ campaign office.

Was David Storobin required to wear an Israeli army uniform?

Marty Golden was endorsed by the Court Officers Association.

Here’s video of Dan Halloran making his pitch to Israelis.

Minimum wage was the issue of the day as Shawn Morse and Neil Breslin compete.

Teacher tenure rate has hit a record low in the city.

Mayor Bloomberg continued to defend the city’s system for fining restaurants.

“The strangest thing I ever ate was fried scorpion,” Bloomberg told Condé Nast Traveler. “The oil hadn’t been changed in a month! That’s all you could taste. It was a terrible thing.”

The former head of the state Democratic Party pushed the Mitt Romney tax returns message.

Joe Biden isn’t overwhelmingly popular.

Hillary Clinton’s spokesperson had a pretty hilarious response to a report saying she was pressed to be Presidnet Obama’s vice president.

Democrats are claiming Paul Ryan’s presence on the national ticket has altered their strategic map.

A Navy Seal criticizing President Obama turned out to be a birther.

Roundup: The Strangest Thing I Ever Ate Was Fried Scorpion