Roundup: Then That Would Be a Question I Would Have to Ask and Answer

A Democratic challenger is accusing the incumbent of being too close to the Cuomo-friendly Committee to Save New York.

The DCCC robo’d an ad linking Paul Ryan to congressional Republicans and challengers in New York.

Rick Karlin wonders if the gambit will work, as it did for Kathy Hochul.

Rhoda Jacobs may be kicked off the ballot.

Grace Meng said she’s received even more support since her father’s arrest.

Simcha Felder invested heavily in trying to throw David Storobin off the ballot.

Ben Akselrod is not a fan of a mosque in Sheepshead Bay.

Eric Schneiderman’s press shop hired Melissa Grace, formerly of the Daily News.

NARAL endorsed every single Democrat running for Congress in New York.

Robert Cornegy, running for reelection against Ed Towns’ Chief of Staff, rolled out a slew of endorsements.

Wendy Long scored Bob Turner’s formal endorsement.

Chelsea Clinton refused to rule out a future political run: “So if there were to be a point where it was something I felt called to do and I didn’t think there was someone who was sufficiently committed to building a healthier, more just, more equitable, more productive world? Then that would be a question I’d have to ask and answer.”

Obama went there with the Romney dog on roof story.

The right-wing money machine loves Paul Ryan.

Ryan’s Catholic faith could provide a big boon.

A charming story of staking out Tim Pawlenty “the nicest man in politics” as he discovered yet again that he wouldn’t be the vice-presidential pick.

Huma Abedin’s childhood memories proved invaluable when Condé Nast Traveler ran into some trouble along the way to a photo shoot with Hillary Clinton.

A Tea Party billboard in Indiana likens President Barack Obama to Osama bin Laden.

At the conventions,  the Huffington Post is setting up an “Oasis” near the convention halls where attendees “can unplug and recharge with yoga, massages, facials, reflexology and healthy food.”

There are elections tonight in Connecticut, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Florida.

Roundup: Then That Would Be a Question I Would Have to Ask and Answer