Roundup: Violence to the English Language

Rudy Giuliani accused The New York Times of bias in the presidential race.

Dave Weigel was not impressed with his “whining.”

Abe George continued critiquing Joe Hynes’ performance as D.A.

NARAL New York rolled out a handful of endorsements for the State Legislature.

The Civil Service Employees Association offered limited endorsements in the wake of the Tier VI vote.

Joe Lhota said the ruling striking down the MTA’s payroll tax will be “devastating” if upheld.

Liz Benjamin looked at the politics surrounding it, and pointed out that the judge in question is elected, and a Republican from Long Island.

Michael Bloomberg responded sarcastically about the MTA’s new revenue problem, “Why don’t we toll people, I got it! Let’s toll people coming into the city, OK?”

“Nan Hayworth saying she is pro-choice does violence to the English language,” said Sean Patrick Maloney.

Hayworth won first place for the 100 meter/300 feet “full pull.”

Governor Cuomo’s former secretary kvetched about the media’s “gotcha” coverage of his administration.

You can now buy a “Cuomo Burger,” advertised as, “Putting the beef back into New York.”

Lincoln Restler predicted his reelection would be even closer than his 121-vote margin in 2010.

The state government is trying to get rid of some trains.

Todd Akin could still get out of the Missouri Senate race, if he were so included.

Mike Huckabee, who endorsed Akin in his primary, vouched for him.

This was not the first time Huckabee defended a politician caught in a rape gaffe.

A couple other individuals and groups are standing by Akin.

Gawker dropped 950 pages of documents surrounding Mitt Romney’s investments.

Nobody has found anything interesting in them yet.

Roundup: Violence to the English Language