Roundup: Younger, Female And Clueless About Politics

Chuck Schumer will urge his fellow Democratic senators to attack Paul Ryan for not really reducing the deficit.

Governor Cuomo held his epic “Yogurt Summit” and announced the event with over 1,700 words in the press release.

Dave Weigel explored the roots of Rudy Giuliani’s beef with Joe Biden.

John Messer has the support of Marc Anthony.

A writer sharply criticized Pete King for not speaking out against white supremacist terrorism.

Senate Democrats continued their push for stricter gun control laws, and asked about it, Governor Cuomo acknowledged that “there’s an appetite” for reform but avoided specifics.

Marty Markowitz is looking to improve his branding among cyclists.

David Dinkins endorsed Robert Jackson’s campaign for Manhattan Borough President.

Americans actually do not want to have a debate about the size and scope of government.

John Boehner is attempting to soothe his House colleagues on the Paul Ryan pick.

Ryan isn’t helping Mitt Romney catch on with Hispanic voters.

The election may come down to an achingly small sliver of undecided voters in swing states who are “1 million to 2 million people at the most” and “also tend to be younger, female, and clueless about politics.”

Ann Romney said that their family had nothing to hide in their tax returns.

A gunman at the conservative Family Research Council was allegedly motivated by the group’s anti-gay positions.

Biden says he’s not going to change after his latest controversial comment.

President Barack Obama’s campaign team accused Republicans of trying to “swift boat” him after a new group of retired Navy SEALs launched a campaign hitting him for leaks and alleged bragging about killing Osama bin Laden.

A co-founder of the new wave band DEVO weighed in on the presidential election.

Roundup: Younger, Female And Clueless About Politics