Shia LaBeouf Loved That His Lawless Co-Star Tom Hardy Was ‘Too Big to Be Sexy’ as Bane

“You’re amazing,” Shia LaBeouf was heard wooing a young woman last night at the top of McKittrick Hotel, at the after-party for the The Cinema Society and Manifesto Yves Saint Laurent screening of Lawless. “You’re incredible. You’re an astronaut!”

“Did Shia just call that lady an astronaut?” a friend of The Observer asked, confused. If everyone was a tad difficult to understand, we understood, as Lawless had also starred a marble-mouthed Tom Hardy doing an American accent. The actor was regrettably absent from the screening–he was shooting Mad Max in Australia, we were told–which ruined our chances of doing our spot-on Bane impression for him. His loss.

Instead, we called over the hyper-maniac, hyper-masculine Mr. LaBeouf, whom earlier in the evening Harvey Weinstein had praised as being the lovechild of himself, Matt Damon, and Ben Affleck.
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Shia LaBeouf Loved That His <em>Lawless</em> Co-Star Tom Hardy Was ‘Too Big to Be Sexy’ as Bane