Shirley Huntley Expects to Be Arrested Monday [Update]

Shirley Huntley (Photo: Wikimedia)

State Senator Shirley Huntley, who’s been under investigation for funneling large amounts of money in nonprofits linked to her family and friends, held an “Emergency Press Conference” today in front of her home, and apparently announced that she expects to be arrested next week as a result.

From the Associated Press:

New York state Sen. Shirley Huntley says she expects to be arrested Monday amid a continuing investigation by Attorney General Eric Schneiderman into state grants she provided nonprofit organizations.


Schneiderman is investigating nonprofit social service and education groups that Huntley funded in part with state grants. Indictments accuse some of the groups’ executives of theft. Huntley has denies wrongdoing.

The arrest will be poor timing for Ms. Huntley’s reelection bid, as she’s facing a strong primary challenge from Councilman James Sanders. Mr. Sanders’ base in Far Rockaway was drawn into Ms. Huntley’s district this cycle and he’s been aggressively campaigning, which made Ms. Huntley’s race already one of the more competitive ones in the state before this latest development occurred.

Voters head to the polls in only a couple weeks, on September 13th.

Update: James Freedland, spokesman for Attorney General Eric Schneiderman, provided this statement on Ms. Huntley’s announcement:

“Although our office cannot comment on an ongoing matter, we are aware of the comments made by Senator Huntley earlier today. The appropriate forum in which to respond to the Senator is a court of law, where the Attorney General will prove all facts according to the rules of evidence. Those facts will speak for themselves.”

Shirley Huntley Expects to Be Arrested Monday [Update]