Simcha Felder Digs Paul Ryan Pick

Simcha Felder (Photo: Facebook)

Although Democrats carpet bombed reporters’ inboxes yesterday with press releases slamming Mitt Romney’s vice presidential selection, it turns out that there isn’t complete unanimity among the party’s candidates when it comes to Paul Ryan. To wit, former Councilman Simcha Felder, a Democrat running for the State Senate in a heavily Orthodox Jewish district in southern Brooklyn, sent out a press release this afternoon embracing Mr. Ryan.

“Paul Ryan is a terrific pick for Vice President,” Mr. Felder said in the statement. “As Chairman of the Budget Committee he brings tremendous knowledge of fiscal policy and will be an asset to a Romney administration.”

He also stressed that Mr. Ryan is sufficiently hawkish on the topic of U.S.-Israeli relations.

“Congressman Ryan is a staunch supporter of Israel,” Mr. Felder continued. “His addition to the ticket will help put America back to work and keep The United States and Israel safe. I am encouraged by the support is he is receiving across the country and have even more confidence that Mitt Romney will be the next president of the United States.”

Mr. Felder’s embrace of Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan makes a certain amount of tactical sense, as the district he’s running in is destined to support Mr. Romney over President Barack Obama by a high margin. His Republican opponent, incumbent State Senator David Storobin, is also sure to repeatedly remind voters that Mr. Felder supported Mr. Obama’s election in 2008 while he unsuccessfully campaigned for a far more Democratic State Senate district.

Mr. Felder faces off against Avraham Tischler in the September 13th Democratic primary. Should he be elected to the chambers of the New York State Senate in November, there is some confusion as to whether he’ll ultimately caucus with the Democrats or the Republicans, but on the national level at least, it’s clear he’s fully with the GOP. Simcha Felder Digs Paul Ryan Pick