Summer Lovin’

Kenny G

It’s natural that August marks the end of many a summer fling—that, after all, was the premise of that timeless opening sequence in the golden oldie Grease! Of course, if you’re a celebrity living in New York, those (wuh-oh-oh) summer nights without your boo can be brutal, and you can’t always count on the T-Birds to keep you company. Just ask Twilight hunk Robert Pattinson. Or just pick up a tabloid. Making his first public appearance after girlfriend Kristen Stewart was caught cheating on him, the 26-year-old Mr. Pattinson had to scramble up the steps of the MoMA during the New York premiere of David Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis on Monday night, lest he be trampled by overzealous vampiric fans.

But Mr. Pattinson isn’t the only one changing his relationship status on Facebook: after 20 years of marriage, saxophonist Kenny G. is filing for divorce from his wife, Balynda Helene Benson-Gorelick. Yes, you read that right: Kenny G.’s real name is Kenneth Gorelick. If only that was the most humiliating thing about being married to Kenny G.

It’s not all bad news, though! The perpetually single, man-izing Jennifer Aniston may have finally met her match in actor/writer Justin Theroux. The two are now officially engaged, after Mr. Theroux proposed to the Friends star on his own birthday. (It’s like a progressive Sadie Hawkins dance, but in reverse!) How’s that for an end-of-the-summer romance? Summer Lovin’