The Great Gatsby’s Destruction of Editorial Calendars Has Begun

The Great Gatsby, the biggest movie of this winter until it was to be the biggest movie of next summer, has screwed its first magazine with its release-date switch. Gatsby is the lead item in Elle‘s September-issue fall preview, with the magazine noting, “Opening day is December 25; our champagne is already on ice.” (Better make sure it doesn’t freeze over!) Carey Mulligan gives brief quote on director Baz Luhrmann, citing his “real love for the novel.” (He’s getting more time to express that love, while we’ll get several more months to refresh our memory on Fitzgerald—freshman-year English was a long time ago!)

We await the coming cover profiles mentioning this long-delayed release with bated breath.

<em>The Great Gatsby</em>’s Destruction of Editorial Calendars Has Begun