The Mindy Meyer Song [Video]

(Photo: YouTube)

Sometimes memes just won’t go away.

And, although Mindy Meyer’s candidacy for the State Senate took the nation by storm, the constant news about her campaign has substantially died down from its initial fury. Nevertheless, some are still appreciative of her decidedly pink outlook on politics.

To wit, The Groggers, who describe themselves as “a Jewish Rock Band with a comic twist,” have released a new song dedicated to Ms. Meyer entitled “Mindy.”

“And I know you’re gonna face rejection, but you’ll always win in my election,” the singer declares. “Mindy, Mindy, Mindy, Mindy. I’ve got a plan.”

“I know they talk about you,” he continued. “I don’t care. They say you’re a laughingstock, that you’re not self aware. But I think they’re all wrong, so ignore the things they say. I’d still let you give me a stop and frisk any day.”

Ms. Meyer, a Republican, is running against incumbent Democratic State Senator Kevin Parker in one of the most liberal seats in the state. Although he surely has nowhere near the national name recognition that his opponent now has, he is strongly favored to win on Election Day.

Enjoy the entire musical endeavor below:

(h/t @AziPaybarah)

The Mindy Meyer Song [Video]