A Robot Assistant To Finally Do What You’ve Always Wanted: Compliment You

"You deserve a robot assistant," declares Happiness Engine, and who are we to argue?

(Photo: Happiness Engine)

What if your boyfriend was really sweet and helpful and you could shrink him into a tiny cyborg that lives inside your phone? Regardless of what Honey I Shrunk the Kids taught you, we don’t have the technology to do that–yet. But luckily there are Happiness Engines, little bots made by a startup in San Francisco that help make using your smartphone a little bit easier.

There are five different robots to choose from, each with their distinct personalities. We like Annie, because she is the “quirky” one (read: the 01001 version of a manic pixie dream girl) and talks a lot about cats, which makes us feel right at home.

While cute, the Happiness Engine robots don’t exactly offer robust functionality. Currently, they only really send out confirmations prior to a meeting in order to accurately gauge the number of attendees, a task that’s probably only helpful to biz dev types.

According to Technology Review:

[Happiness Engine] founder Yan-David Erlich won’t say more about what’s coming, but he plans for the app to sort through the personal data generated with cell phones to, for example, remind you that you haven’t been to the dentist in a while.

We’re excited to see what other features the team can roll out to the robots in the coming months. But the good news is that, once you pick a robot, set it up and hook it up to your iPhone, it will actually compliment you.

“I have a personality all my own, and periodic compliments are just one of my many features,” reads the Happiness Engine site. “I love working for you.”

Love? Tell us our hair looks nice or we’re hitting the off switch.

A Robot Assistant To Finally Do What You’ve Always Wanted: Compliment You