Vertigo Finally Dethrones Citizen Kane In Sight and Sound Poll

The prestigious, once-a-decade Sight and Sound poll has a new film on top: Vertigo has been declared history’s greatest film, after fifty years of Citizen Kane‘s dominance (okay–who changed their minds?). Hitchcock’s classic noir topped the poll of critics by 34 votes, earning 191 critics’ hosannas in total–and leading to a predictable freakout among cinema types on Twitter (who ever thought Sight and Sound would get its own trending topic?). After runner-up Kane, the top ten also includes favorites like 2001 (sixth place), The Searchers (seventh place), and 8 1/2 (tenth place). The most recently released film to be included in the top 50? David Lynch’s paranoid freakout Mullholland Drive, at 28th place.

<em>Vertigo</em> Finally Dethrones <em>Citizen Kane</em> In <em>Sight and Sound</em> Poll