Weekend Roundup: McDonald for Mayor; Secret Facebook Pages; Approving of Paul Ryan

There’s a new potential GOP contender for mayor in 2013: George McDonald.

The Post discovered a secret Facebook page belonging to Naomi Rivera, which might be related to Nydia Velázquez exacting revenge on those who endorsed her opponent.

Domenic Recchia is taking his time before he formally announces a campaign for comptroller.

The Daily News slammed John Liu and Bill Thompson for not paying their signage fines from 2009.

While the Post complained that Liu “just won’t go away,” concluding, “Liu’s sleaze is becoming truly disquieting. If he won’t quit altogether, can’t he just see fit at least to . . . shut his trap for a change?”

The city’s housing authority stashes millions of dollars worth of unused items throughout the city.

An Ironman competitor died in the Hudson River Saturday.

After a dramatic chase through Times Square, the NYPD fatally shot a knife-wielding suspect.

This weekend was not short of other violent news.

Dean Skelos approved of Paul Ryan, while the Senate Democrats dissented.

Michael Grimm also approved.

It’s worth re-reading this Jonathan Chait profile of Ryan, and this one by Ryan Lizza.

The Romney campaign isn’t fully embracing Ryan’s budget plan.

Despite its promises, Mitt Romney’s iPhone app was slow to announce Ryan’s pick.

Ryan is loved by the grassroots despite the votes he took for TARP and Medicare Part D.

Joe Biden gave him a call.

The Times noted, “If Mitt Romney wins in November, a Tea Party favorite will be a heartbeat from the Oval Office.”

While its editorial page wrote, “Mitt Romney’s safe and squishy campaign just took on a much harder edge.”

Weekend Roundup: McDonald for Mayor; Secret Facebook Pages; Approving of Paul Ryan