Weekend Roundup: Replacing Hakeem; the King Is Dead; Isaac Takes Its Toll

The New York Post continued its warpath against Naomi Rivera.

Ola Alabi and Walter Mosley debated on NY1 and took shots at one another.

Shirley Huntley’s lawyer thinks the timing of her upcoming arrest — right before an election — “is a little suspect.”

While the Daily News questioned the timing of Shelly Silver’s censure of Vito Lopez Friday.

Silver quietly settled at least one other sexual harassment allegation before Friday’s censure.

Angelo Falcón took a look at the post-Vito Lopez era and what it means for Latino politics.

Lopez could have testified in his own defense but declined.

“The King is dead. Long live the Queen! The next County Leader in Kings County should be a woman,” District Leader Chris Owens declared. The three early favorites to replace Lopez are all male.

A Republican called on Lopez to step down.

The Times endorsed Lopez’s candidate in a heated race for Civil Court Judge in Brooklyn.

A supporter of the other candidate in the race, Richard Montelione, illegally offered drink discounts for signatures.

All of the wounded survivors from the Empire State Building shooting were shot by the NYPD.

Diane Savino’s opponent criticized her over some recent Facebook comments.

Yen Chou’s campaign criticized a rival for not reporting expenditures.

Joe Bruno had words of praise for Governor Cuomo.

Andy King pitched his candidacy on The Perez Notes.

You’re more likely to have heard of Mindy Meyer than Wendy Long.

The Times‘ public editor accused the paper of having a progressive bias, but its executive editor disagreed.

The first day of the Republican National Convention was canceled.

Organizers knew there was a chance of a hurricane when they selected Tampa.

The conventions will extol their parties’ lobbyists and influence-wielders.

Romney has a balancing act in how he presents himself these next few days.

Ron Paul supporters are holding their own convention.

Meet the team of strategists working with Todd Akin.

Paul Ryan’s life has changed quite a bit since Romney selected him.

Romney has adopted a more combative approach in the campaign.

Charlie Crist endorsed President Obama.

Weekend Roundup: Replacing Hakeem; the King Is Dead; Isaac Takes Its Toll