Winners and Losers: St. Petersburg Edition


The New Jersey State Committee

 Delegates, honoraries and the press corps praised Amanda Gasperino, Lauren Monk, Douglas Mayer and the rest of the state committee for coordinating a successful stay at the Sirata Beach Resort in difficult circumstances, literally in the face of an impending hurricane. Insiders had to tell Nicole Davidman to slow down, she was so aggressive on the fundraising front.

Tom Kean Sr.

The dignified former governor radiated elder statesman gravitas as he mingled humbly with other members of the delegation.

Chris Christie

The Governor of New Jersey received mixed reviews for his keynote speech, which many believed force fed a captive crowd too much ego. But here’s the bottom line: Christie came here to Florida at the head of 500 troops, and no one fell out of line as the governor enjoyed the opportunity of a lifetime, regardless of what his future holds.

Joe Kyrillos

The Republican Party’s U.S. Senate candidate received some good press and worked his fundraising contacts all week. He remained an understated but positive presence throughout the convention as he went up on cable television for the first time.

Upendra Chivukula

Armed with a half million dollar warchest, the 7th Congressional District Democratic challenger of U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance (R-7) celebrated the DCCC’s upgrading of his contest to “Races to Watch.”

Jose Sosa

The former Republican Assemblyman from Burlington County who addressed the 1992 Republican convention as a Latino elected official, 20 years later watched his party make a hard play for the Hispanic vote with the help of many Hispanic elected officials from around the country, including U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fl.), who introduced Mitt Romney.

John Sununu

The former governor of New Hampshire energized the New Jersey delegation with an unapologetically aggressive and intellectual appeal to boot President Barack Obama.

George Gilmore

The powerful Ocean County chairman hosted last night’s farewell to St. Petersburg party on the beach at the Sirata, a spectacular send-up that featured a band cranking out solid covers of Springsteen’s greatest hits.



Strip Clubs

The New York Daily News reported that the nation’s pole dancing paradise was expecting to cash in big on the GOP extravaganza. But it never happened, according to the report, as a combination of Hurricane Isaac and arguably Romney Boy Wonder influence threw the industry back on its collective high heels.

Rob Andrews

The federal Office of Congressional Ethics today said there is “substantial reason to believe” that the 1st Congressional District representative improperly used congressional campaign funds for his personal use.

Meg Whitman

Recruited to rally the New Jersey delegation, the 2010 California gubernatorial loser reminded the crowd that Mitt’s a long-shot in the Garden State, prompting John Sununu to head to the microphone in damage control mode. It was the second time a GOP alpha male had to rescue this damsel in distress.

Sarah Palin

The closest the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee got to a platform at the convention was when a former Alaska governor look-alike showed up at the strip clubs in a cutaway pin-striped business suit with a dance act lampooning Palin.

Sam Raia

Proving he’s the state Republican chairman in name only, the would-be party leader from Bergen surrendered the podium to Bill Palatucci for the hard stuff and took an oratorical elbow from the Christie confidant at one point. “It’s about power,” explained a Republican source.

Nick Sacco

The state senator/mayor from North Bergen launched an ill-timed mail attack on state Sen. Brian Stack (D-33), sparking the Menendez campaign to chide both Sacco and Stack about civil war tactics in the lead-up to  the U.S. senator’s re-election. Winners and Losers: St. Petersburg Edition