Wisniewski: ‘Chris Christie has been very liberal with the truth’

TRENTON – Ahead of the biggest speech of Gov. Chris Christie’s political career thus far, New Jersey Democrats took to the microphones in Trenton to criticize the governor’s record and call into question the Republican Party’s campaign theme in the upcoming election.

Congressman Rush Holt (D-N.J.) and state Assemblyman John Wisniewski, chairman of the Democratic State Committee, held a news conference outside the Statehouse Tuesday ahead of Christie’s keynote address to the Republican National Convention in Tampa tonight.

“Chris Christie has been very liberal with the truth,” Wisniewski said.

“It’s all about words and not about facts,” he said, criticizing the governor for touting the slogan “the Jersey comeback” across the state during his town hall meetings while the state’s unemployment rate has edged up.

“At this point it’s pretty clear that Gov. Christie’s tenure does not look like a comeback,” Wisniewski said. “While last week the governor complained he’s tired of the press writing negative stories about 9.8 percent unemployment, New Jersey faces some real facts and this governor would prefer not to tell the truth.”

Holt criticizedthe Republicans’ platform of wanting to cut vital social services for the nation’s poor. The federal lawmaker slammed GOP vice presidential hopeful Paul Ryan for statements he made in the past where he said he didn’t want the country’s social safety net to turn into a social “hammock.”

“(They) offer the same message,” Holt proclaimed, referring to Christie, Mitt Romney and Ryan, saying, “You’re all on your own.”

The central Jersey congressman began the news conference by talking about how federally funded weather research has helped alert the residents of New Orleans of an approaching storm. He said that Republicans would rather take a “slash and burn” approach to funding those types of endeavors, and would rather tell people, “You’re on your own,” Holt repeated multiple times.

“As we watch Chris Christie and Mitt Romney in their moment of self promotion, we want to remind them of the people they refuse to help,” Holt said. Wisniewski: ‘Chris Christie has been very liberal with the truth’