Yudin fires back: Dems hypocritical on Schroeder contributions

Bergen County Republican Organization Chairman Bob Yudin won’t give back the money Assemblyman Bob Schroeder (R-39) gave to Yudin’s party organization.

He doesn’t feel he’s morally obligated, and he resents the urging by Bergen Democrats to pony up the tainted cash – as if they have any moral credibility, in his view.

“This is a ridiculous political stunt and hypocrisy at its greatest,” he said, referring to a call earlier today by the Bergen Dems for Schroeder to resign and for Yudin to return allegedly ill-begotten cash Schroeder gave the BCRO.

“These same people have never called for the return of contributions from their own party’s convicted senators Bryant, Coniglio and Lynch,” Yudin added. “They even remain silent when former Democratic Party Chairman Ferriero was under indictment, trial and conviction in this state.”

Schroeder gave $45,000 to the BCRO between 2009 and this year. 

Yudin said he accepted the money with no knowledge that Schroeder was allegedly the mastermind behind check kiting schemes totalling nearly $400,000. Moreover, the chairman said he doesn’t know if Schroeder is even guilty. Yudin fires back: Dems hypocritical on Schroeder contributions