$123M OK’d for Green Acres, Blue Acres projects

TRENTON – The Garden State Preservation Trust voted today to approve $123 million in allocations to various applicants for Green Acres and Blue Acres projects.

Much of the money is made possible because of bond referendums approved in 2009, although a portion ($2.4 million) also comes from a 1995 bond.

Martha Sapp of the Department of Environmental Protection explained that the money will be used by municipalities and other entities for land acquisition and to build parks, which the DEP will oversee. The land can be used only for outdoor recreation and conservation purposes.

Of the $123 million, more than $14 million will be used for Blue Acres, a program in which properties in flood-prone areas are bought out.

The $123 million is broken down in the following categories:

*$45 million for state acquisition

*$39 million in Local Acquisition Grants

*$15.8 million in Local Development Grants

*$6.6 million in Nonprofit Acquisition Grants

*$2.3 million in Nonprofit Development Grants

*$14.4 million in Blue Acres Acquisition Grants 


$123M OK’d for Green Acres, Blue Acres projects