$2.6M in funding to retrain pharma workers who lost jobs

TRENTON – Help is on the way for out-of-work pharmaceutical industry employees.

The Christie Administration announced today the availability of $2.6 million in grant funding to retrain and help find new employment for those who have lost their jobs in the pharmaceutical industry since 2010. 

This funding is from the latest allocation of a $3.6 million National Emergency Grant that the New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development obtained in October 2010 from the U.S. Department of Labor.

“This funding is available for short-term education and training grants at many colleges and universities in New Jersey to help this important segment of our workforce transition into other high-skill sectors of the economy,” said Commissioner Harold J. Wirths in a statement. 

“This retraining will not only help put people back to work faster in good-paying jobs, but help maintain one of our state’s greatest assets – our highly educated, skilled workforce – and strengthen our emerging life-science and bio-tech industry.”

An initial $1 million installment in 2010 had been tied only to training for pharma workers who had been laid off from eight specific locations. But the U.S. Department of Labor agreed to a request by the state to greatly expand the list of qualifying locations.

Several hundred candidates already have received essential services and short-term training courses to help transition them back into the workforce.

Qualified candidates may receive up to $5,000 in education grants or other opportunities and are being urged to take advantage of this unique opportunity to enroll in a course that can help them to move into another job.

$2.6M in funding to retrain pharma workers who lost jobs