Adler ad uses football metaphor to tackle Runyan on Medicare

In the 3rd Congressional District, Democrat Shelley Adler’s campaign released a new television advertisement that links U.S. Rep. Jon Runyan’s (R-3) political career with his career as a professional football player.

“Wrap Up Show” focuses on Runyan’s votes in Washington, most notably on Medicare. 

As soon as Mitt Romney picked U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) as his running mate, Adler began pounding on Runyan’s support for the Ryan budget.

Dismantling Medicare and replacing it with a voucher program stands as the cornerstone of the freshman Republican congressman’s agenda, Adler said.

“Americans planning for their retirement would be simply devastated under Congressman Runyan’s plan to dismantle the Medicare guarantee, which would force couples to save an additional $100,000 just to pay the costs for the first eight years of the voucher program formerly known as Medicare,” said Adler. “This reckless agenda allows him to finance tax breaks for millionaires, Big Oil and companies that are encouraged to ship American jobs overseas.  Congressman Runyan has the wrong priorities and he is not on the side of middle-class families.”

Runyan spokesman Chris Russell responded.

“I think the ad is awful,” he said. “I hope they put a lot of money behind it.  In the meantime, we’ll be happy to continue talking about how Shelley Adler repeatedly voted to increase property taxes and government spending as a Cherry Hill Councilwoman, doesn’t even live in the district she’s running to represent, and supports diverting $700 billion from Medicare to pay for a big government takeover of our healthcare system.  Also, I can’t resist offering one piece of unsolicited advice to the Adler team: When you run a football-themed ad in media markets full of rabid Eagles and Giants fans that refers to someone being ‘rejected’ in a football game, you are begging to be mocked.”

Below is the transcript for the ad:

Sportscaster #1:  Taking a look now at John Runyan’s first term in Congress.  How is the former offensive tackle performing in Washington?

Sportscaster #2:   Runyan’s still blocking like a pro.  Look at the replay.  This guy needs affordable healthcare, but Runyan wants to end Medicare as we know it

and push him back to 1965.

Sportscaster #1:  Ohhhhhhh rejected!!!

Sportscaster #2:  No one likes his plan to raise Medicare costs sixty four hundred dollars a year.

Sportscaster #1:  But Runyan won’t budge.

Sportscaster #2:  And Runyan digs in on his vote to privatize Medicare.

Sportscaster #1:  Great moves.  Too bad he’s on the wrong team.

Shelley Adler: I’m Shelley Adler and I approved this message.

Adler ad uses football metaphor to tackle Runyan on Medicare